Badger Fencing

Keeping badgers at bay is one of the most difficult challenges in fencing. Badgers are remarkably strong, have great climbing skills and are stubbornly determined diggers.

Badgers can present a frustratingly persistent dangerous hazard to both people and other animals. Making their way onto roads and railway sections, apart from the danger to themselves, they can quickly become the source of accidents. Their danger to livestock is also well established and the need to prevent their access to farms has never been greater.

We use only industry leading high-tensile wire to stop even the strongest badgers from gaining access to your site. Manufactured to the highest standards and cost-effective for all budgets, our badger fencing solutions will provide the security you require. At County Fencing we provide all the materials, knowledge and experience you’ll need to erect a permanent badger fencing solution. Contact us today for a quote.

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Badger Fencing: A Cost-Effective, Long-Term Solution

Not only does our badger fencing offer a robust barrier against badger intrusions, but it’s also a cost-effective permanent solution for long-term property protection. Badger proof your property with our fencing options to enjoy peace of mind and avoid the continual expenses and hassles associated with badger-related disturbances.

The design of our badger proof fencing considers every aspect of a badger’s behaviour. The fence extends beneath ground level to prevent badgers digging and creating dangerous hazards. Line wires and intermediate posts are strategically placed to maintain the integrity of the fence, regardless of ground height variations.

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Badger Fencing FAQs

Can Badgers Get Through Stock Fencing?

Stock fencing, while useful for livestock, is often not sufficient to deter badgers. Badgers are strong and determined animals capable of breaking through weaker fences or burrowing underneath them. We uses specifically designed wire mesh and if needed an extended underground barrier, which is designed to effectively prevent badgers digging under the fence.

How High Should a Badger Fence Be?

For effective badger proofing, a badger fence should be at least 4 feet high. This height is sufficient to prevent badgers from climbing over, especially when combined with the underground barrier that stops them from digging underneath.

Can a Badger Climb a 6ft Fence?

Badgers are not typically known for their climbing abilities, so a 6ft fence is generally more than adequate to prevent badgers from scaling over. Our badger fencing incorporates features that deter climbing and focus more on preventing burrowing, which is a more common issue with badgers.

How Do I Keep Badgers from Digging Under My Fence?

To prevent badgers from digging under your fence, our badger proof fencing includes a special design that extends the fencing beneath the ground level. This underground barrier is a key component in making the fence badger-proof, as it blocks the common method badgers use to bypass barriers.

Are There Any Other Applications for Your Fences?

County Fencing can help you fence off your land to maintain biodiversity or keep it away. There are other application options for our fences.