Ground Skirt 6/50/5

Our ground skirt rolls are 500mm wide (0.5m) and have a hinge line built in on the first line wire in. You can see the hinges on the photo to the left, its just above the text RL6/50/5  

Our ground skirt is made with the same 2mm light high tensile galvanised wire as our main fence so are incredibly strong. Once the outer line wire has been bent up at 90 degrees, then the main fence can be dropped down on top and the two clipped together. The skirt comes out 400mm from the fence line once installed. Available in 50m and 100m rolls.

Prices per 50m Roll: (plus VAT @20%)

Price up to 450m £71.99
Price 500m – 950m £69.99
Price over 1,000m £POA

All orders over £1000 (before VAT) are FREE DELIVERY

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* Prices will not be matched against charitable companies or those working on a not for profit basis.