Beaver Fencing

Looking to re-introduce beavers? County Fencing are one of the leading providers to new beaver re-introduction projects in the UK. Contact us today to find the right solution for your project and budget. All projects and options supplied.

Strong, stubborn and expert diggers, beavers present a difficult new challenge to contain and protect effectively. At County Fencing we have developed a range of options to suit the requirements of all new beaver projects. Our team will work with you to ensure that all factors are addressed and a timely, enduring and cost effective solution is installed. New schemes are re-introducing beavers in all reaches of the UK and County Fencing has been working with some of the first to ensure their animals are safe and secure. Working with the special considerations of wildlife reserves and wilded areas, we aim to provide study and lifelong fencing solutions for all new projects.

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We have provided materials, machinery and installation services in virtually every corner of the country so wherever you are located please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We work with some of the UK’s top manufacturers and installers to ensure that solutions can be found and implemented quickly, so that your site is safe and secure as soon as possible.

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