Dog & Kennel Fencing

Our outdoor dog fence options are designed to withstand the harsh British weather for an extended period of time. Ideal for building enclosures for small dogs and large dogs, pens, kennels and garden runs; also a great cost-effective solution for large areas.

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Why do I need dog fences?

Having a dog fence has numerous advantages. Your dog, or your client’s dogs will stay out of harm’s way, safe, and confined with a dog fence. Your dog will get stimulation and exercise from it as well. You’ll feel more at ease knowing your dogs are secure if you have a dog fence.

An additional benefit of a dog fence is that it will keep strangers and other unwelcome visitors off your land. This is crucial for your dog’s security as well as the safety of your house. Unwanted visitors can be kept out and intruders deterred with a dog fence.

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What are my dog fencing options?

Mesh and Metal dog fence

For dog metal fencing, metal mesh fencing works great. It is constructed by fitting and straining the wire to vertical timber posts along the fence run. The mesh is galvanised.

Another excellent product to use as dog fencing is light-weight mesh. These dog fence rolls also have a galvanised finish and are resistant to rusting. It can also be installed with existing fence posts or we can supply new wooden posts should you require them.

Dog fencing FAQs

What kind of fencing is best for dogs?

Metal mesh fences are the most effective options available and are efficient in preventing dogs of all sizes from escaping. If you have a larger dog, make sure the fence on your site is at least six feet tall. Bigger canines might be able to get over shorter fences.

What is the best dog proof fence?

If your dog enjoys digging, metal fences are great since they can be buried, or used with a ground skirt, making it difficult for them to be dug under. 

How tall should a dog fence be?

If you are unsure of your dog’s ability to jump we suggest going for 1.8m (6ft) which should contain most dogs.