Post Driver – Tractor Mounted

The best in class for tractor mounted post drivers. Excelling in all environments and with all types of fencing – the Wrag range has been engineered to suit the commercial fencing installer, farmer and fencing repairer. All models are uniquely designed to ensure solid instalation in even the most hard to reach places. Now more economical prices than ever before.

Wrag Commander X200
If you are the owner of an estate or a contractor, the Commander X is engineered with you in mind. Whether used in part of a team or as a one man operation the Commander X towers above the competition. It has versatility and flexibility second to none. The Powerslide Headstock was designed for Post Drivers by WRAG. Now it has revolutionised the Post Driver industry but the original is still the best! In conjunction with the beam it allows the Post Driver to angle precisely where needed; whether in a rear position or side position. Awkward ‘no go’ areas will become a thing of the past, as the post driver slides along the headstock minimising the need to position the tractor exactly.

Wrag Opus X300
One of the most popular models for contracting and large estates, the Opus never fails to complete jobs easily and swiftly. With it being light, maneuverable and easy to use, many fencers have not hesitated to have the Opus as their machine of choice, for many years of fencing. Why not guarantee that your post driver can get to even the hardest to reach places, increasing productivity exponentially. The Opus allows the most versatile post driver on the market to reach a wider audience, meaning that the benefits of the Diadem, including attributes such as the 200-degree swing as well as the beam lift and extension, can still be optimized by the Opus’s operator, but without the requirement of such a large tractor (90-100hp will suffice).

Wrag Diadem X400
Typically a contractors machine, the Diadem is designed to be the market-leading post driver, not only in regard to functional movements but also with its renowned durability. Engineered to carry an impressive 400kg or 300kg hammer, the Diadem provides maximum impact on top of the post, especially combined with the free-fall drop hammer. The combination of the hydraulic beam, the mast and the unique beam clamp, gives the Diadem a complete range of well-balanced movements, regardless of its position in the 200 degree working arc for the times when versatility, maneuverability and accuracy are paramount.”

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