Post Driver – Excavator Mounted & Weighted

The Postpuncher is the top Excavator Mounted Post Driver. Using a covered weight knocking sysem, for enhanced safety, the unit allows a team to install posts quickler and more securely than ever before. The range works with all post types (timber, steel or composite material) and its steel casing makes for great operation in all conditions. The vibration technology meanwhile makes for minimal ground disruption and minimal damage to posts. The Postpuncher’s secure design makes it ideal for operation in all environments and conditions – slopes, woods, hedges, river banks, over ditches.

Postpuncher 1 – £2000-£3000 – Size of Posts: 6″ Rounds 4″x4″ Square – Parent Machine: 1.5t Excavator and above

Postpuncher 2 – £2250-£3250 – Size of Posts: 8″ Rounds 6″x5″ Square – Parent Machine: 2.5t Excavator and above

Postpuncher 2L (Longer drop and heavier weight options) – £3000-£4000 – Size of Posts: 8″ Rounds 6″x5″ Square – Parent Machine: 2.7t Excavator and above

Postpuncher 3 – £3500-£4500 – Size of Posts: 11″ Rounds 8″x8″ Square – Parent Machine: 5t Excavator and above

Can be easily fitted to any front end loaded, telehandler, excavator, skidsteer, hedgecutter or back hoe.

(All prices Ex Vat)

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