Wire and timber price rises continue

24th August 21

Prices for wire and timber have fluctuated greatly in 2020 as demand has risen and supply issues continue to dog the industry

A host of entities have rushed to secure materials in a fever of construction that is both a blessing and a curse for the fencing industry. Many installers have work booked up for months but the availability of materials, as many are pre-bought, has led to delays in start dates. With covid also still leading many drivers to have to self isolate at short notice, even when materials can be secured, getting them to site can prove problematic.

Suppliers are working hard to secure international deliveries are also as smooth as they can be. However with global demand picking up, and covid causing staffing problems for the shipping just as in trucking, some problems remain out of suppliers’ hands. Logistics issues have led to sharp rises in steel prices this year while timber production has had trouble picking up.

Many in the industry are quietly hoping for a more subdued construction environment as colder, wetter winter months set in. Though with infrastructure and residential demand remaining strong there may be more yet to endure.