Choosing the Right Post Knocker

31st August 21

Choosing the right post knocker can be a tricky exercise. There are dozens of manufacturers on the market, each making dozens of models. Finding the one for you can be tricky with so many options. So have put together the below questions to ask yourself and your provider and help narrow your choice down.

Do you already have a vehicle that you’d like to use?

If you already have a tractor, excavator or even compact vehicle that you are familiar with, you can discount a lot of options already. Many post driver models are made only to suit a specific type of vehicle and a specific size/weight. Save yourself some money by getting a driver that fits onto your existing vehicle.

Where will you be installing?

If you are installing in built up areas or on sites with the potential for nimby complaints, then the noise of the post driver will be an important consideration. A vibrating post knocker rather than a weighted model would likely suit better and keep the potential for noise complaints to a minimum.

If you are installing on sites where ground disturbance is a concern for the landowners, a vibrating post knocker may be preferred also. Vibration, rather than pile driving a post in with a weight, can result in less disturbance. This can be of high importance when installing on particular wildlife sites or where there are underground cables.

How much fencing do you intend to do?

If you are a frequent installer of fencing or a fencing contractor then a tracked post knocker vehicle may be more economic of the long term. Moving them from job to job is often easier than with other vehicles and they can often operate at a faster rate than other knockers in the right hands.

If you are a less constant installer, then a model that can be fitted and stored more easily may save you a bit of money and effort over the long run. Many clients want a model that will be ready to go when needed but may sit unused for potions of the year.

 Do you or your staff have experience with any makes and models of post knocker?

It may be a time saver for training if you are already familiar with a particular make or model of post driver. Many post drivers, like all large agricultural equipment, can take a bit of getting used to. If you or your team already know how to operate one over the other, why not choose that one?