Guidelines on Building Property Fence Boundaries

The installation of property fencing makes for a great addition to one’s lawn in a variety of ways. Fencing, gates and railings can be added purely for utility. Whether it be to keep children safe within the property while playing outside, for security protecting the property and its contents from intruders (both people and animals), or simply for privacy so one can enjoy their property without issue of prying neighbors. You would also need to have one built for such things like wood fueled hot tubs. Either way, fences serve many uses when properly installed. In addition, property fencing may also be installed as an aesthetic structure adding to the look and landscape of a property while still providing the aforementioned utility. In addition, property fencing can be built from numerous materials outside of the standard chain link or wooden planks.

Regardless of what type of fencing is installed, there are a couple of guidelines one should know. First, if sinking posts or any other type of digging is going to be involved, it is very important to make sure all buried lines have been located first. This includes gas lines, water lines, phone lines, sprinkler systems, and in this technological world, fiber-optic lines. Finding any of these the hard way (i.e. – putting a shovel or auger through them) is not cheap to repair, and typically is partnered with some sort of fine. Secondly, it is good to know where one’s property line stands, and what the local codes are around easements for structures such as fencing being installed. Knowing this will prevent the installed fencing needing to be moved if it is determined to be either too close to the property line, or trespassing on a neighbor’s property. Knowing both of these guidelines up front will save the installer time and money in the long run.

That being said, there are a number of great property fencing options one can have installed. There is the classic look of wood fencing which can be custom-built in countless designs. These fences are durable and can be built for both utility and privacy. Maintenance is easy, you can get cheap palisade fencing supplies and do all the repairs yourself. Annual power washing & sealing means the beauty of these fences can be maintained for many years to come.

Another great option is using fencing panels. For those who are looking for efficiency in their property fencing installation, these fence panels are the way to go. Posts for the fence will still need to be sunk and set, however; once set, these fence panels may be bracketed into place at a much quicker pace than installing every individual fence plank.

There is also the option of garden fencing. Again, coming in a variety of options for both look and utility, this fencing serves as a way to keep one’s gardens safe from intruders of both the human and furry variety Typically a metal fencing with smaller openings to keep numerous creatures at bay, this fencing is a great way to keep garden safe and beautiful.

If you have dogs, an alternative to keeping your pets within your property without resorting to high fences is something called an invisible fence. When approaching the perimeter wire, your pet will receive a warning sound through their collar. If they stray even further, a very mild static correction will be activated. This ensures that your pets stay within safe distance from your house and away from potential danger. This specialised product can be bought at professional dog training centres in the UK. The dog handlers can teach both you and your dogs how the invisible fence works once installed or if you have enrolled in one of their dog obedience courses.

Finally, when installing fencing, making sure one has the proper fencing equipment for the job will also ensure the efficiency of the work being done. If there are a number of postholes to be dug, the use of a gas-powered auger will make quick work of this task, and allow hours of work to be completed in mere minutes. In addition, there are a number of fence hanging tools available to make sure their fence is hung level and uniform. The use of these tools will ensure the proper installation of a fence that also looks great.

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